Tooth Extractions

When there’s a problem, and you need to have a tooth pulled, you want to turn to a dentist who’ll make sure that your procedure is as comfortable as possible. You can be confident that our dental team will make sure your experience is as stress-free as possible.

As general dentists in Pen Argyl, our patients count on us to provide services like dental exams and teeth cleanings to maintain their healthy smiles. But if something goes wrong, we also offer procedures like tooth extraction to remove a damaged tooth and get your oral health back on track.

Why We Recommend Tooth Extraction

Dr. Timothy Burke may recommend tooth extraction for any one of several reasons:

  • A tooth is too decayed for a root canal to save it
  • A tooth has broken off or fractured below the gum line
  • One or more teeth need to be removed to prepare for dentures
  • A wisdom tooth is coming in at an odd angle or crowding other teeth

If we do recommend removing a tooth, we’ll explain why we need to perform the procedure. Our dentists will use digital x-rays and magnified pictures of the inside of your mouth, so you don’t have to guess what we’re talking about.

Before we begin, you’ll understand what’s happening, why we recommend tooth extraction, and how it will benefit you. During your procedure, you can rely on our caring dental team to provide the gentle, calming treatment you need at a time like this.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

In some cases, however, it’s necessary to perform an emergency tooth extraction at our Pen Argyl, PA dental office. This would be the case if you are in severe pain and we can’t save the tooth with a root canal. 

Replacing a Missing Tooth after Extraction

You don’t have to replace a tooth after extraction, but we highly recommend it. You’ll feel better and replacing a lost tooth with something is essential if you want the healthiest smile possible. 

Dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants are all excellent ways to replace one or more missing teeth. If you want a fast, affordable solution, a full or partial denture might be the best choice for you. Dental bridges are another tooth replacement that fills the open space in your smile and helps you chew comfortably. 

If you want a long-lasting solution, you might want to consider dental implants. A dental implant is the healthiest and also the longest-lasting tooth replacement available today.

Call Us for a Dental Appointment

With the help of our caring dental team, tooth extraction in Pen Argyl doesn’t have to be a stressful procedure. Please call us so we can arrange a dental appointment to explain the process and put your fears to rest.